Tuesday, March 27, 2012

32. My first super drunken NYE with good friends

James* and I surprisingly hit it off really well. I don't know what it was about us, but the chemistry was there from the first time I told him I thought he was cute. I loved spending time with him before and after practices and games almost every day. We didn't really do anything but sit around watching sports on TV, but we got along really well.

We were together about three weeks before Christmas break hit. That first Christmas break was when I found out how hard Christmas was for him. I found out that his grandpa had passed away on a Christmas Eve, and he had also been broken up with on a Christmas Eve. So I just sent him a text message that wished him well and told him that I was thinking about him all day and that I would be there if he needed me. I didn't see him at all that break.

New Years Eve came along, and I decided to spend it with my teammate Fiona*. She and I broke into her parents' liquor cabinet and sneaked a drink before we had our other teammate's brother come pick us up. The five of us acted like jackasses walking around the country sipping on vodka and Coke like it was the best tasting shit in the world. And it was a fun ass time.

James didn't drink. He hated when I was drinking too, so I tried to stay away from my phone and him all throughout the night. He was at a church lock in with his oldest brother Tommy*, and toward the end of the night he called me. It made my night. I was so happy to hear from him, and he told me that he was having a lot of fun but he really missed me. And that these girls were hitting on him so he wanted a picture of me to show them who his beautiful girlfriend was. Talk about a sweetheart.

Fiona was dating a boy named Landon*. The problem was, Fiona's parents didn't like them dating. So in order for Fiona and Landon to be able to talk to each other, the used my phone. So I used Fiona's phone to talk to James, and Fiona used my phone to talk to Landon. It was a night of deceit and I loved every second of it.

Other than talking to James for a little bit, that was about the extent of the excitement of my New Years Eve for my junior year in high school.

My name is Blake*, and NYE is a kick ass time as long as you have amazing people to spend it with.

*all names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent

Update on the boys in this entry:
This is just the beginning of the long and complicated relationship between James and I.

Surprisingly, you'll get to hear more about Landon in the future :)

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