I am a woman in my mid-twenties. I had the dream of writing a book about the crazy guys that have graced my life with their presence. I then realized that this would require lots of work, time, and effort that I am quite frankly too lazy to do. So the next best thing was to blog about it.

I don't consider myself a skank or a whore. I consider myself a woman with a sexual desire that is natural for most women my age. I just have the guts to write about my past experiences without fearing retribution...okay, maybe I fear it a little, which is the reason for the anonymous writing.

I have stories that would embarrass me and my immediate family members, so for everyone's sanity I decided to write anonymously. Every single person in these stories has had their name changed, and I try to tell my stories in chronological order.

I created this blog for pure entertainment, not to be rebuked or called names for the activities I participate in. So if you plan to be hateful, move on to the next blog.

My name is "Blake," and these are my stories of being a self-proclaimed skank...I figure I might as well call myself one before I let the world judge me.

If you have any similar stories you want to share, or would just like to chat about life and stuff, feel free to send me an e-mail:

**sidenote, I made this "adult content" because I know eventually sex will come into play for my story


  1. love the blog! Just finished the entire thing.

    Will you ever start it up again?

    1. I am attempting to start it up again now actually. I just can't get into my google account. Any advice for how to get my password reset? Google is too tricky for me.