Wednesday, June 13, 2012

42. The day Landon put his foot down

So my senior softball season started a few weeks before classes actually started, and Landon* was at every single one of my games. James* would show up to about one every 3 or 4. By all the definitions, Landon should have been the object of all my affections. For the most part he was. But then James would come along and sweet talk his way into my life for just a second, and it would have me doubting any feelings I had for Landon...

So school started, and on my first day of my senior year, Landon and I would sneak glances at each other in the halls all day. Then lunch came and I sat with my normal lunch crew, and Landon went with his normal lunch crew. Which meant I was sitting with James, and he was sitting across the room watching us. Immediately after school, I had a softball game, which he came to. And James did not.

So after the game, Landon called me, and told me that he either wanted to let everyone know we were together, or we had to end it. Now as I've told you, he was amazingly supportive in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I was being completely selfish about the entire situation, so I agreed to let the whole school know we were together. (This is way before facebook was so popular, so there was no "making it facebook official.")

So the next day, Landon and I sat together at lunch and held hands, letting the whole world know that we were together. At the time, I tried to embrace it. But even though I was loving the attention I was getting from Landon, I still felt like a part of me wanted to be with James. But more on that later.

After school that day, everyone was talking about Landon and I. Asking when Landon and I started hanging out and such. Such is life in a small town. So I spilled my guts to everyone.

My name is Blake*, and every girl loves it when a guy becomes aggressive and takes some control.

*all names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so- innocent. Mostly, I'm the not-so-innocent.

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