Monday, October 24, 2011

12. I already messed it up.

Last night, I realized I forgot to embellish more on Floyd's* story. I was so excited to talk about Hugo* and how amazingly beautiful he was that I completely skipped over Floyd. Floyd and I continued to be really good friends throughout all of junior high. We played the same sports, we went to the same church, and we were even on the academic team together (no no, nothing like Keith's* story).

In my last year of junior high, just before Keith and I started, there was Floyd. Now if you remember, Floyd was the nice friend that consoled me when my heart was first broken at an elementary dance. I think that's why I always (and still to this day) had deep respect for him.

It happened during basketball season. We were hanging out at my friend Hillary's house after school waiting for the bus to cart us off to our game. I was definitely that girl that wouldn't do anything without peer pressure when I was in junior high. So when all of my friends started making out with their boy of choice (I promise my small town does have morals!), I caved and kissed Floyd. There wasn't anything magical about it. Also if I remember correctly, we convinced him to flash us. We only looked though. Even though I was kissing like it was going out of style, I was very prude at that age.

Sadly, nothing came out of kissing Floyd. It really was like kissing my brother.

Floyd is actually still a part of my life right now, but as nothing more than friends. He pops in and out of it randomly, but when he's in it, he provides some great stories. So I won't close the Floyd chapter just yet.

My name is Blake*, and I seriously giggled a little bit when I typed "we convinced him to flash us." Because I almost wrote "we convinced him to show us his pee pee." (I'm still twelve. It's fine.)

*all names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent

I promise I'll get it right from here on out.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

11. High school is traumatic

When I last posted almost three weeks ago (so sorry for the interruption, life happened), I had just finished up my story about Keith*. Keith and I continued to attend church together during the summer, although I am afraid we were never as civil to each other as before. That's expected when your heart gets broken.

That summer, I met the cutest little Latin boy named Hugo*. I met Hugo while I was at church camp, and it was an unexpected meet. I was walking around the campus and he randomly said something while looking my way, but he was not speaking directly to me. It was super loud and I mistakenly thought he was speaking to me. so I stopped him to see what it was he said, and we just hit it off. I met him 3 days before the last day of camp, and we spent all three days with each other as much as possible. He was a beautiful boy.

He came and ate lunches and dinners at my cabin, which just so happened to be right next door to his cabin. We would spend all our free time together, where he would come with me to watch my church play the various sports we participated in. We would spend time with each other immediately after the evening service.

That summer, the camp had a fireworks display on the last night. Of course we watched them together. He had his arm around me the whole time and toward the end he kissed my forehead. It was so cute :)

We exchanged numbers, and he and I talked to each other every day. He told me I was one of the most beautiful people he had ever met all the time. Unfortunately, we lived about two hours away from each other, and neither of us were old enough to drive. We relied on phones and parents.

I saw Hugo one more time before I lost touch with him. Toward the end of the summer, his parents drove him to my town for a weekend, and he stayed with my grandparents at night while I went home. He dealt with hanging out with my brothers while I would go to my practices every day. The weekend ended way too soon, and before I knew it, we were dropping him back off at the meet up.

I think I heard from Hugo maybe three more times before we lost touch. I don't know who stopped calling who, but he just kind of fell off the map. Then another boy caught my attention just before school started.

My name is Blake*, and Latin lovers are seriously the most beautiful boys ever.

*all names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent

I don't have anything to update about Hugo, I have no idea where he is or how he is doing.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

10. New school year, new boys

I finally realized that things were going nowhere fast between me and Harry*. I wish I could say that I finally gave him the boot, but I continued to want him for a very long time.

However, I started 8th grade top dog at my junior high, while he went to being a low freshman in high school. Eighth grade was a crazy year of boys. It started with my obsession with Harry, then I moved to an obsession with a kid named Keith*. Keith and I also went to church together. We both played basketball. We were both on the academic team for the junior high. Oh, and Keith also happened to be the junior high principal's son. Should have known it would be trouble.

The funny thing about our academic team trips is that we would always go to whatever school, dominate the competition, get something to eat, and then head home. This is where we got into trouble. A bunch of the kids in band were also on the academic team, and the rumors you hear about band kids are totally true. All of us older people would sit in the back, and 4 of the band kids would pair off and start making out. IN EIGHTH GRADE. Well, one of the couples put me and Keith in the same seat. We were both prude, so we just sat and talked while making out noises were going on around us.

At one point, Keith asked if he could hold my hand. I thought it was so cute. The next thing I know, Keith is my boyfriend, and continued to be my boyfriend up until that summer. He even bought me a Valentine's Day bear (which I found last weekend while I was cleaning out old boxes).

I honestly don't remember why we broke up. I just know we did, and I made him cry. I broke someone's heart shortly after mine was broken at a young and tender age.

Keith was a year younger than me, so when I went to high school, my obsession with Harry started right back up.

My name is Blake*, and seriously don't ever break someone's heart. You feel like a jerk.


*all names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent

There's a little more to Keith's story, so stay tuned!