Tuesday, June 12, 2012

41. That point where friendships become more than a friendship

I was glad that I got the relief from seeing James* on a regular basis with the summer break. I was super crazy about him, and the daily lunch breaks with him sitting across from me was absolutely torture. So I welcomed summer break with open arms.

Like I mentioned back in this post about NYE my junior year, Fiona* used my phone to talk to her boyfriend Landon*. Landon and I also played basketball together, so he and I got along pretty well. Our friendship developed a lot that summer, as he was my support system. You see, I was going over to James' house almost every day because his father was helping me out with my batting in preparation for my senior year in softball. This means that I was seeing James almost every single day. why yes, I do like torture myself. I kept telling myself that it was to be better my final year of playing softball. James' dad would also make me pitch every single day I was out there too. As much as I hated pitching so often, you could definitely tell the improvement once the season actually started.

Every day after I would leave James' house, Landon would text me and make sure that I was okay. We would even meet up every now and then for lunch and talk through things too. We even went to a couple games of our local minor league baseball team here in town. It was actually during one of those games that we kissed for the first time. I don't exactly know how it happened, but my friendship with Landon developed into more than just a friendship. We kind of kept the relationship to ourselves for the rest of the summer. My family didn't really like him, and his family didn't really like me either (shocking, I know). So he and I would secretly meet up all summer long. I would say I was going to the mall, and then meet him in a nearby park. We would go to baseball games and skip out on them for the last few innings.

As summer was drawing nearer and nearer to a close, he started to ask me what we were going to do once we were around James all the time. I was just kind of in denial and didn't want to talk about anything that was going to be occurring in the future. I basically just told him we'd kind of go with it and see what happens once school started.

But if I were completely honest, neither one of us was happy about the potential of school starting soon...

My name is Blake*, and please, just take my advice. NEVER enter into a relationship when you aren't over someone that you see every day.

*all names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent. Mostly, I'm the not-so-innocent.

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